Sunday Morning Squirrels:

Happy Mother's day! Did you talk about mom's today? We didn't! But we did wrap up our series on Wisdom!

Countdown Video:

Cute Animals

Funny video. Cute animals. You can't go wrong.


Sit Down If (Your Momma Edition)

Another great DYM game! Everyone stands up and only sits down if they've done the thing on the screen!

Minute to Win It Wheel

Just a quick wheel made in Sidekick that chooses a game for two contestants to play. It makes it a little chaotic, but also I'm down for chaos sometimes.



Give Me Faith

Bible Study:

This week we finished "Get Wisdom" and it was good. We talked about how Rehoboam didn't listen to the wise advice of his dad's advisors but rather listened to his friend's advise that sounded better to him at the time. Lots of good application!

Main Idea:

Put Wisdom into practice!


1 Kings 12:1-19


Get Wisdom is available on DYM for $9! Grab it and have all my teaching material plus small group questions!

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